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Polynesian Food

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Beef Mokuaweoweo
A scrumptious "spicy beef dish" to be enjoyed by all. Slices of lightly breaded beef sauteed in our spicy honey garlic sauce with roasted sesame seeds. 
Beef Tomato Samoan
Fresh slices of Beef cooked with fresh sweetened tomatoes and onions.
Polynesian Fried Rice
A special seasoned rice with a tropical blend of pineapple, tomato, shrimp, barbequed pork and slivers of green peppers. 
Polynesian Pepper Pot Steak
Slices of Beef braised in Black Beans, a touch of garlic, sweet green peppers and Soya sauce. 
Pork Mandarin Kau Kau
Fresh cubed Pork, deep fried in batter and served with Hawaiian pineapple cubes and green peppers, crowned with sweet and sour Lichee Fruits. 
Pork Tiki Tiki
Fresh bean sprouts, seasoned and cooked with mushrooms, celery, barbequed pork slices, topped with roasted almonds and served with crispy noodles.
Shrimp Fiji
Delicious Sea Shrimps deep-fried in batter and served with a colorful combination of pineapple chunks and green peppers, crowned with sweet and sour Lichee Fruits.
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